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Approx. 800 words

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2015   SJ

Investigating Chaos:

New Beginnings


written by  SJ



    Colonel Gallardo's Cheyenne Rangers, those still on the planet, were transported back to the space station, where they all got a day off while their equipment was loaded onboard the transport. The next day, they got ready to return to Camp Cheyenne.
    During that time, LaFong received a call to meet someone in the space station's lounge, where, upon arriving, Jennifer Dakota and Librarian Marcellus were there waiting.
    Lana's excitement was written on her face as she walked forward to shake Jennifer's hand, which ended up in a short hug.
    "I'm glad you're..." Lana tried to speak.
    "Alive?" The Librarian finished her statement.
    Lana shook his hand as Jennifer introduced him.
    "Yes, she's very much alive." Marcellus spoke proudly. "And she wanted to meet you before you left."
    " did?" Lana was wondering how Jennifer survived, but didn't quite know how to put in into words.
    Marcellus handed her a small data drive. "Here's all the current information on what the Emperor Corporation's scientists have found so far, and a short report on Jennifer's recovery." He paused a second to change the subject. "Jennifer has requested to be a member of your Special Ops team."
    Lana was surprised; she wasn't even a Level 3, yet. And Jennifer way out ranked her.
    However, before Lana had a chance to speak, the Librarian spoke up. "I've already got confirmation from the General and Jennifer's CO. She'll be training with me. And, afterwards, she'll be available."
    Lana was overwhelmed. She sighed, then looked at Jennifer, reiterating, "I'm just glad your okay."
    "I'm glad YOUR okay." Jennifer smiled, but then frowned. "I was told how badly I hurt you. I'm sorry--"
    "You weren't's okay."
    Jennifer looked down, feeling bad. "I remember every bit of it. I couldn't stop myself." When she looked up, her frown became a determined and confident grin. "They'll NEVER control me like that again."
    Marcellus laughed with equal confidence in Jennifer abilities, and more so, abilities to come. "Yes...yes, indeed. I agree, they never will. I dare say...they may even learn to fear you."
     The threesome sat down at the lounge's bar and talked for awhile before Lana got a call to board the transport back to Cheyenne.
    Even in the heat of the day, Camp Cheyenne was a welcome sight for Lana--Her home.
    Major Taliferrio greeted her on the tarmac. "I got a call yesterday from Lieutenant Colonel Marcellus."
    "Lieutenant Colonel?" Lana suddenly made the connection. "Oh."
    "Yes, he's a retired lieutenant colonel in the Federal Marine Guard. And a WARP Librarian. He wanted to make sure I knew that Gunnery Sergeant Dakota had requested to be part of your team."
    Lana shrugged. "I have a team already?"
    "We'd better hurry up and get you trained, then." The Major agreed. "It's going to be another two to three months; a lot of classes." He pondered a second. "Have any idea who else you might want on your team?"
    "I never really thought about it. Special Ops team?"
    "Well, you'll have basically two types of teams. One will be, more or less, a kind of advanced recon team. Special Ops teams: they'd be designed for a specific purpose."
     She took some time to think a second. "Well, there's the guys in my squad, Ramcke, Burns," she looked up at the Major, "and Melinda? Will she be available?"
    "Well, I'm not sure. She's with the General right, now. But, any of those people can be with you on an advanced recon team, since they're all Scout trained."
    Lana thought of two more. "How about Bull and Gannon?"
    The Major stopped walking, almost chuckling. "Those two? Well, you know, even though they're good heavy weapons specialists, they're not Scouts. So, I don't know about them for a recon team."
    "How about Special Ops?"
    He smiled, almost chuckling again. “Well...let me put it this way: Any member of a Special Ops team will have to have at least a Special Ops Certificate.” He thought. “Melinda doesn’t have one, but, since she’s been trained as an Federal Investigator, she can go with you for those type of missions. Sergeant Dakota, well, she’s already Level 1 Special Ops., so she’s definitely available. But, Hodge and Shannon: As far as a recon team goes, they’d have to at least go through Scout training. As for a Special Ops Certificate?” He looked at her seriously. “I very much doubt it.”
    But Lana returned his look with a stubborn look of her own. "Hmmm, let me think about it. Scout training. Special Ops Certificate." She smiled. "Give me some time...I'll bring them around."
    This time, Taliferrio did laugh, only with approval. "You know, if anyone else had told me that...I've would've thought they were joking." He looked at her and smiled. "If anyone can do it, you can."















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