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    “In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war...”


     ...and so this was what the armies of the Warhammer 40K truly believed--that their campaigns of glory would go on forever, war after war, battle after battle, for decades, for centuries, their future...only war. However, one by one, the armies were defeated--wiped out by their own violence and greed. In the end, only the most powerful armies remained: the four Armies of Chaos, the World Eaters, the Thousand Sons, the Emperor’s Children, the Plague Lords. However, once there were no more enemies left for them to vanquish, they turned on each other and fought battle after battle, leaving ruined worlds in their wake...until only one planet remained. It was there they fought the last battle, a battle that could only end one way: with their own destruction. Afterwards, it would be the Universe itself that would cast judgement upon them and condemn their souls into an eternal prison: the WARP.
    However, time passed as the Universe continued on, billions of years coming and going, the dead worlds where the Armies of the Warhammer 40k once reigned and ruled consumed by the suns that made them, nothing remaining except Galactic dust which would eventually form other suns, and other worlds. Humanity, the Terrans, have now begun their colonization of the stars, the Sol Frontier. However, inside the WARP, the four armies of Chaos wait for their chance to arise again...this time from the WARP itself.
    These are the Chapters to an alternate version of Warhammer 40K. It attempts to bring to life all the weapons, equipment, and races, from a time well after when the armies fought. In the normal Warhammer 40k story, there are no good guys; they all have to all be evil in order for the war to continue on endlessly. In a REAL STORY, there has to be good guys and bad guys, protagonists, and antagonists. There has to be a mystery: The Orcs, Chaos, Tyranids, and Eldar all have a mystery to be solved and discovered in this version of Warhammer 40K.

    Very little was known about the supposed alien invasion of Earth or about the aliens that came to their rescue. All the they knew was that afterwards, Earth was no longer habitable. After the rescuing aliens transported the remaining humans to Mars, they helped them build a small colony, gave them a few spaceships and technology, and the ability to live on other worlds. Then they left.
    After a short time on Mars, the remaining human race used the new technology to scan the stars, find habitable planets, and build spaceships to colonize new worlds. On the day the first colony ship took off from Mars, and broke free of the solar system, humanity took on the new name of Terrans. They started a new calendar starting on Galactic Year 0000.00.

    Terrans began calling the group of worlds they colonized within 50 light years of where they began, the Sol Frontier. On Galactic Year 0111.25, the Terrans met the Tau. All during their colonization, the Terrans feared they would meet a race of aliens that would contest their colonization. However, the Tau were friendly. They quickly became friends, assisted each other with colonization, and shared technology.  More than 200 years later, the Sol Frontier flourished, colonized by Terrans and Tau alike, both living peacefully together.

    During the 300 years of Galactic colonization, Federal, Corporate, and Planetary Governments eventually agreed they needed to have, at least, some kind of military force made up of the three groups in the case of some sort of  emergency: On Epsilon Eridani 3, there were the Orks, a group of creatures that contested them on the planet, but, so far, were not a Galactic threat. There were the Tyranids, discovered in a couple solar systems located far away, but frightening enough because of the way they looked, and in the fact they could find no way to communicate with them. A little further away, were the mysterious Eldar, who looked human enough, but, continued to almost completely ignore any and all contact with the Terrans. For these reasons, the Terrans developed the Warhammer 40K, 40,000 troops, either currently active, or able to become active, made up of the three branches of government. Once the rise of Chaos was discovered, the Warhammer 40K would be put to its most difficult test yet.



    During the creation of the Galaxy, a myriad of star systems created planets that developed life, some intelligent enough to develop highly technological societies. Most of these societies lived in peace with the Galaxy and the Universe. But, a few of them became violent and made war with the other members of their species, usually with the same result: they destroyed themselves before ever leaving their own world. However, a few of these societies managed to break free of the bonds of their own solar system and create an empire in space where they spread like a plague from star system to star system, conquering and destroying, leaving dead worlds behind them in their lust for power and greed; in the end, they all ended up the same, by destroying each other, then themselves, but not until billions of lives were lost, many those on innocent peaceful worlds. Through these acts, the WARP was formed, created by their own acts evil, a prison of their own making, their souls trapped by the Universe itself until they either went insane and degenerated into the mindless demons of hell...or found it within themselves, over the countless eons of time, to repent and find some semblance of enlightenment...a way to salvation, the only real means to escape the WARP.


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