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Approx. 600 words

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2015   SJ

The Ogryn:

The Beginning


written by  SJ



    Once Lana Lyu LaFong had become a Level 3 Special Ops Space Marine, she became an officer, and thus was assigned formal quarters in Camp Cheyenne’s barracks. Ramcke and Burns had already obtained their Special Ops certificates, whereas Bull and Gannon were still having trouble; but, she remained persistent, spending a lot of her time helping them. When there was knock on her door, she was expecting one of them back to ask more questions. Instead, Melinda was there with three other people. Since her officer’s room wasn’t very big, and was currently a mess, they went outside to talk.
    Lana was happy to see her friend again, the two of them sharing a short hug. But, Melinda continued to look at her, smiling. “Let me guess: All you’ve been doing last I saw you is studying for Special Ops?”
    Lana smiled back. “Well, I’m already a Level 3 Special Ops; but, I’ve been spending a lot of time helping Bull and Gannon study.”
    “They’re studying for Special Ops?” Melinda was surprised.
    “Special Ops Certificates....” Lana clarified.
    The older woman was impressed. “Oh, LuLu. If anyone can do it, you can. Captain Davis was right; you really are a lulu.”
    Lana held up a finger and was about to ask about the term, lulu (aside from a name), when Melinda began introducing her companions, Lana shaking hands with each of them as she did: Staff Sergeant Nikolai Petrovsky, Corporal Jesse Koufax, and Corporal Lucynda de la Vega.
    “I’ve read the report about your encounter on Alshain.” Lana pondered a second. “Strange to find something like that on a barren, lifeless, planet.” Then she remembered. “Did you guys ever find what the scientist brought with them to study?”
    “No, LuLu.” Melinda sounded disappointed. “And all our leads have gone cold.” Then she wondered. “Where’s Ramcke and Burns?”
    Lana had to think a second. “Hank’s with second squad on training maneuvers. Burns is on leave back on Astoria. But, they both completed their Ops Certificates about a month ago.”
    “That’s good.” Melinda approved. “I’d like us all to meet, you know, get to know each case we ever have to work together as a team.”
    “Okay...Hank should be back later today, and...Burns will be back tomorrow.”
    “We don’t have to start immediately.” Melinda had an idea. “Hey, why don’t we go to that place, the Blast Zone.”
    Lana sighed.
    “Oh, LuLu. You haven’t been taking too much time off, have you?” Melinda, all of a sudden, sounded like an older sister. “Let’s go. Hey, wear that nice outfit you bought back when we were still Scout Marine trainees.”
    “I got rid of it.”
    “Oh, LuLu.” Melinda sighed.
    “I’ll go with you, but, I feel more comfortable wearing my normal clothes.” She though a second. “Hank won’t be able to go, but...I’m sure Bull and Gannon will,” Lana frowned like a strict teacher, “but, only if they’ve finished their lesson assignments.”
    Melinda laughed. “Oh, LuLu.”
    Lana looked back at the older woman and joked. “You know, I think there’s a four ‘oh, LuLu’ limit on this Base.”
    They laughed.

















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