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Approx. 700 words

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2015   SJ

The Ogryn:

Follow Up


written by  SJ



    Lana and her team stayed on Terra Aurigae to wrap up their investigation. Inside the mansion, they never found anything resembling the Key Lana heard mention of, even though a slight aura of the WARP still remained in one spot that looked sort of like a shrine. But they did find one of S'hawna's earlier victims.
    The initial evidence was that the victim, a young man, had been abducted, picked up at a small, but popular meeting place, seduced by a beautiful and sexy, young woman and brought to the mansion. There, the evidence shows they had sex numerous times, but also, that he had been tortured as well. By the time he was discovered, he had been dead for a couple days.
    However, it didn’t make sense. The woman Lana saw at the mansion was far from beautiful; quite the opposite, she was starting to look a little grotesque. At the meeting place, a few people remembered the incident, a couple of them wondering what had happened to the young man. When they were told about the incident at the mansion, they wanted to cooperate. But, most of the people had trouble recalling any details. One man sort of remembered the man leaving with a woman, thinking how lucky he was, the woman being just about as sexy of a woman he’d ever seen. Then, one of the women said quite the opposite, mentioning that she was trying to get to know the man, then this ugly woman comes in and picks him up. It didn’t make any sense.
    As time passed, S’hawna Morgan couldn’t be found anywhere in the city, and as the search widen, anywhere on the planet.
    Lana also got to know a little more about Ricardo: A little over five Galactic years earlier, there was a fire at his parents house in the country, which he escaped, but his parents didn’t. At that time, one of the fireman tried to help the ogyrn, who didn’t have anyplace to go. He eventually, introduced him to Randal Thomas, who gave Ricardo a job at his mansion. But, in time, things became worse for the ogryn, Randal taking advantage of him, telling him it was his fault for his parent’s death, and that the other members of this family hated him, making Rand the only friend he had left. When Rand and S’hawna became obsessed with some kind of treasure, Rand told the ogryn he could change him into a Terran, his only chance left for a normal life.
    After Ricardo was given a ride back to the country, Lana contacted some of the ogryn’s relatives. There, he was reunited with the family he had left, quickly finding out they didn’t hate him, or even blame him for the fire. In fact, they had been worried about him, wondering where he had been all this time.
    The big ogryn looked at Lana, not knowing how to thank her. However, in her mind, it was she who should be thanking him. Ricardo thought a second then mentioned. “You still think me part of your team?”
    “Sure.” She smiled.
    “You need me help you again, just call.” Ricardo was serious.
    “Well, for right now, you should just get to know your family--”
    “Rand teach me ripper gun.” The ogryn seemed to stand at attention. “Maybe I raise Ogryn as Bone ‘ead sergeant.”
    She grinned. “I’ll talk to the Planetary Governor about it. I heard they were planning on raising a few more reserve units.” She smiled. “For right now, as a member of my team, I just want you to get to know your family better.”
    He made a sloppy salute, then began walking back to where some other ogryns were waiting.
    After almost a month, S’hawna Morgan was never found. Eventually, a planetary investigative team took the place of the Lana’s team, who had been recalled back to Camp Cheyenne; there, Colonel Gallardo was happy to give Lana’s Space Marine team members Federal ID cards, similar to the type Melinda’s team had, authorized by the General.



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