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Approx.0800 words

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2015   SJ

The Rise of Chaos:



written by  SJ



    When Major Boseman awoke, he was in whole side of his head throbbing miserably. He could scarcely remember the trip through the WARP, but what he could remember was--LaFong! DAMN that LaFong...she SHOT me!
    He was having a great deal of trouble moving the right side of his body, which meant LaFong's 9.1 had hit him on the left side of his helmet, penetrating deep enough to injure his brain, but not kill him. It was as if, at this point, sheer hatred was keeping him alive and conscious. Blood had run down his face, and was now soaking his collar and shirt. It was hard for him to speak, but he had to, cursing the female Marine's name. "Damn you, LaFong!"
    Suddenly he looked up to see a man standing in front of him...or, at least, he looked like a man.
    Boseman had no idea where he was...or even if he had fully completed his transport through WARP gate; the environment around him was so strange and eerie it was beyond belief. The man before him was wearing an angle-length, pale, violet-colored, robe with yellowish trim in the form of flames that licked inward from the hems. He appeared to be a large, heavy-set man, but the taught skin that made up his face and neck, was a sickening, pale, yellowish-grey color. His eyes were deeply set and darkly circled.
    Trying desperately to sit up from what felt like some kind of hard, stone, bed, Boseman demanded, disregarding the strange appearance of the man looking down at him, "where am I? Have you made the transfer to my bank account yet? How much are you paying me?" He cursed. "Damn that, LaFong--"
    "Oh...there is no need to worry." The robed man's voice sound utterly unearthly. "You shall receive much more than mere personal wealth can give you, Alpharius."
    As the strange man spoke, Boseman could see only dark shards inside the man's mouth, all that appeared left of his teeth. Boseman quickly became irate. "I need you to transfer my payment to the bank account we agreed upon--"
    "That has already been done, Alpharius."
    "Then call me a medical shuttle and get me the hell out of here!" Boseman was unshaken, demanding. "Can't you see I'm bleeding all over the place. I am going to need a trauma--"
    The former Marine suddenly stopped speaking, an attitude of complete shock and abhorrence at the pathetic creature that just walked into view next to the man in the robe:
    The creature had obviously been human once. It still had arms and legs, but its pale, almost nude body was wrapped up in some kind of dark-blue, metal tape. The metal bindings on its bald head and face had wires that dug into its skin, stretching and distorting its face into a gruesome, fleshy, mask. It had on some darkly-colored rags around its waist that hung half way down to its knees. Boseman assumed it had once been male, but doubted it mattered much anymore. It walked hunched over carrying in both hands what looked like a large, black, slug, about the size of a basketball, which had numerous tendrils coming out from its slimy body and were currently sticking inside the humanoid-creature's body as if plugged into it.
    Boseman quickly changed his attention to the robed man, who spoke, using that same unearthly voice. "You will be healed, Alpharius...and made anew."
    As the former Federal Marine looked back and forth between the robed man and the creature holding the slug, he became frightened. He tried to be brave, speaking sternly. "What do you mean? Why are you calling me--" He grimaced in pain. "Call me a medical shuttle."
    He frowned...but as he stared at the robed man's bald head, it looked, at first, like he was wearing a shinny, black, leather cap, flat and stretched tightly over the top of his scalp. But when the cap started moving, writhing, like it was alive, that's when Boseman lost it. At the same time, the creature holding the slug began moving toward him, the slug's tendrils unplugging themselves from its carrier, reaching in the direction of Boseman.
    "Keep that thing away from me!" Boseman cried out, scared, but still trying to give orders. "Don't you get that thing near me..."
    When the nightmare of pain and suffering was over, Boseman finally opened his eyes. He barely knew who he was anymore...Chaos quickly replacing all he was and had been. With his last ounce of sanity, he thought about LaFong, realizing how right she had been all along. He cracked an ironic smile and spoke with a demented laugh. "Major...BOZO..."




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