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Approx.  800 words

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2015   SJ

Chaos on Terra Aurigae:

The Link


written by  SJ



    As Ricardo and his squad vacated the area, Lana prepared her team, sending Ramcke and Burns up to join Zane on top the five-story building. As for she and Jennifer, they needed to find that location, which they did fairly quickly.
    But nothing was there...just a wide open street and empty buildings. Then Lana remembered: Randal mentioned they were looking for the treasure INSIDE the sewer.
    Lana quickly found an entrance and soon they were climbing down some metal rungs to a damp sewer. Inside, she reacquired the location...but, still, nothing was there.
    However, soon the Librarian was in a trance, sensing something.
    Lana waited...
    Jennifer gasped, “oh, my God--there’s an opening to the WARP!”
    “An opening?” Lana found it hard to believe.
    However, the Librarian also found it unbelievable. “It can’t be...but, it’s, God, it's right HERE.”
    “I don’t see anything. Is it like a WARP gate?” Lana was concerned. “Can anything come through?”
    “No.” Jennifer began falling into a deeper trance, seeing horrifying visions, gasping several times. “It’s like a hole in the Universe...leading into the WARP.” She gasped again, almost moaning. “It’s a HORRIBLE place. There are more Thousand Sons, an army. They are standing next to...”
    Lana watched Jennifer as she became more entranced, only now she seemed calmer, able to control her fear.
    “What are they standing next to?” Lana asked, fearing the worst. “A WARP gate?”
    “No.” Jennifer almost became serene. “It’s...” She searched for the words to explain it. “It’s one of many structures inside the WARP. This one is called, the Chains of Bondage. Each of them have a meaning. This one stands for all things that bind us...hate, greed, selfishness.” She frowned. “’s been destroyed.” She gasped. “The looks like a large link in a chain! It was part of the structure.” She started feeling stressed. “The Link is a REAL object--my’s REAL. Chaos wants it.” She opened her eyes and stared at Lana, wide-eyed. “If they bring it into our Universe, they’ll be able to bring in more troops. Whoever owns these objects can maintain more troops from the WARP in our Universe.”
    The team leader didn’t know what to say...
    “We can’t let them have it, Lana!” Jennifer shouted, then settled down, as if resting.
    “What can we do?” Lana was getting desperate. “Can we go in and get it?”
    “NO!” Jennifer shouted. “Nothing in our Universe can exist in the WARP!”
    “But, you just said--”
    “I don’t know, Lana...I don’t know how that object--” She gasped. “How THOSE objects can exist in both the WARP and in our Universe. I DON’T KNOW!”
    Then Lana thought of something, asking, “why does Ahriman need to come here to get the Link? Can’t he just enter the WARP through a gate on his spaceship and retrieve it that way?”
    Jennifer shook her head. “No. The only way they can bring the Link into our Universe is though this exact hole in the Universe.” She paused for a second, then spoke as if she just learned something. “That’s the way it is with ALL the objects. That’s what Chaos has been doing: looking for objects!”
    “Hey, ladies!” Ramcke suddenly called. “Zane just spotted Ahriman’s Rhino. It’s on its way here, ETA about thirty minutes.” He changed the subject. “Oh, and by the way. Our Ogryn buddies just got picked up by a couple medical shuttles. They should be in good hands now.”
    “Understood.” Lana answered succinctly, then spoke to Jennifer, asking rationally, “is there anyway we can stop Ahriman from getting this object, the Link?”    
    The Librarian slowly shook her head. “No.” She seemed still in a trance-like state. “Ahriman is very powerful. He might even be as powerful as a greater demon...I don’t know.” She gasped. “Oh my God--he already has the Orb!”
    “The Orb?”
    “Inside the WARP, there was a structure--the Pendulum of Doom! It’s meaning was: For those who would wage war, the Pendulum swings--eventually bring about their own Doom.” Jennifer quoted, then tried to explain, “he’s already destroyed the structure and took the Orb.” She started coming out of her trance, asking, “was that Ramcke? Thirty minutes?”
    “Yes...we have to leave.” Then Lana suddenly had an idea. “If we allow Ahriman to take the Link, then afterwards, if we use all our forces, Yarrick and Davis, maybe some local militia-–we can ambush him when he comes out of the sewer. Take Link away from him.”
    Jennifer almost smiled, agreeing. “Yes...that might work.”
    “Let’s get out of here.” Lana began leading the way back out of the sewer.



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