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Approx. 1400 words

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2015   SJ

The Ogryn:



written by  SJ



    Lana guessed she was on the floor of some kind of speeder, one with a carpet. When she tried to move, she was hit in the head with what felt like a shoe. She had read about those Tau neuro-EMP bombs and how brutal they could be; her only choice was to lay still wait until it wore off.
    When the speeder finally came to a stop, her motor skills felt a lot better. But she felt sick. Then she was grabbed by each arm and pulled out of the vehicle, where at that time she almost threw up. When she was let go, she fell to her hands and knees and almost threw up again, more of a dry heave, as someone, a female voice, cursed. When she got kicked in the ribs, the wind knocked out of her, she passed out again.
    She was laying on a shag carpet rug when she woke up this time. She knew she needed to stay conscious long enough to at least find out where she was at, what was happening, and who her captors were, even thought she had a very strong hunch about that.
    Next she was taken outside to a patio and was forced to sit down in a chair. She began to recognize the place right away, the patio belonging to the run down back yard of S’hawna and Randal’s mansion. The woman walked over and pulled down an opaque panel door which closed off the patio from the rest of the yard as the man began tying some kind of nylon restrains on her wrists after wrapping her arms painfully around to the backside of the chair.
    Escape from something like nylon restrains weren’t as complex as handcuffs. As the man fixed the restrains around her wrists, she flexed, trying to make her wrists larger. Once the restrains were in place, she relaxed, which made her arms a little smaller, which would give her some wiggle room to eventually escape. The process worked better with men, who had bigger muscles to flex. However, Lana had small hands which would make getting out of most any type of restrains an eventuality.
    The couples’ current state of brutality made it plain to Lana that some kind of Chaos was influencing them. Normal people just didn’t act that way, such as kicking someone in the stomach for almost throwing up.
    Lana had to sit and try to analyze her captors. The woman seemed to be acting a little more insane than the man. Even though the man was obviously stronger, it was the woman who was more likely to just kill her outright. The man seemed to want something.
    “Do you think she’ll tell us where the treasure is?” The woman scowled at Lana.
    “Of course she will.” The man seemed confident.
    It was at this point Lana noticed the woman’s eyes. They looked sunken, with the beginnings of dark circles around them. Her skin was a little pasty, and had a pale, yellowish tint, even thought she still recognized some of the Tau blue tint remaining. It was becoming obvious that she had had more exposure to the WARP than he had, another thing that made her more dangerous than the man. If she was going to try and reason with one of them, she’d have to speak to him.
    “You’d BETTER make her tell us.” The woman demanded as she went back into the mansion.
    Once the woman was gone, Lana asked, trying to sound as rational as she could. “What treasure are you looking for?”
    The man became angry. “You KNOW what treasure we’re looking for. YOU KNOW!”
    Lana had to think fast. “ know, there’s more than one treasure. If you tell me which one you’re looking for, maybe I can help you.”
    Now the man looked confused, glaring at her.
    She continued, trying to be friendly. “My name is Lana.” She tried to smile. “You must be Randal, right?”
    “Don’t call me that!” He became even more angry. “My name is RAND. Don’t ever call me, Randal.”
    “Okay, okay, I’m sorry.” Lana tried to recover. “I didn’t know. Rand. I’ll call you Rand. I like that better.”
    “Don’t patronize me!”
    “I’m NOT.” Lana tried returning some anger. “I’ve never met you before until now. Give me a break.”
    He glared at her again, thinking.
    “Hey, we can go find the treasure together.” Lana tried another smile. “Let’s go.”
    He seemed to be thinking, then he snorted and walked behind her. “All you’ll do is betray I know S’hawna is waiting to do.” His unsure voice changed to a confident one. “But, I have something she’s afraid of. He obeys MY commands, not hers.”
    Lana listened as he walked back into the house. She didn’t know what to think of the man’s last comment, so she began working on her restrains, analyzing them. She obviously couldn’t remove them now, but she was able to get them down far enough so it would take her only a few seconds to get out. However, there still was the case with the panel door: She didn’t see the woman lock it, and had to guess it would take about ten seconds to open it--but it would make a lot of noise. And then there was the wall around the backyard; it was high, and she didn’t see anything back there she could use to climb on. She could probably jump and pull herself up, but, she’d have to make sure her hands had the strength to do it. She decided to wait, gather more intelligence. After all, the mansion should be one of the first places her team should go to look for her. It was just a matter of staying alive until then.
    Hank Ramcke was mad as hell. After he had woke up, and finally came to his senses, he made sure Jennifer was alright, and she was. The man who had blown their cover was coming around also. Once he started saying something about how he blamed them for what happened, Hank lost it.
    “SHUT THE HELL UP!” He grabbed the man and made him sit down. “You sit there and shut up.”
    The man sat, becoming a lot more docile. He held his phone out and said something about calling District authorities. However, his phone, along with the others, didn’t work. Of course, the neuro-disruption pulse had of been carried by an EMP pulse.
    “Hank, it’s okay...settle down.” Jennifer tried to calm him. Then she looked over at where Lana should be. “Where’s, Lana?”
    Hank ran over to the spot where Lana should’ve been, Jennifer joining him as they both examined the area, both coming to same conclusion: She had been abducted.
    Ramcke walked back over to the man, who was still sitting. “If anything happens to Lana I’m--”
    Jennifer stepped in front of him. “Hank, go over to our car and call Melinda. We need to get Planetary authorities here.”
    As Hank left, the man spoke, overhearing her. “Planetary authorities?”
    Jennifer turned to him. “Yes, sir. We are here under the full authority of the Planetary Governor.” She pointed at the barn. “Those people in there were Chaos criminals. I’m surprised they didn’t come out and kill all of us while we were knocked out.”
    “I didn’t know. How could’ve I known?” He frowned.
    “I know you couldn’t have. I know.” She sighed, then remembered, running off to the barn.
    By the time Hank had called Melinda, and had drove the car over to the barn, Jennifer was walking out with the lawyer, Rani’fay, helping him along until they found a place for him to sit down.
    “Melinda and Planetary authorities won’t be here for a couple hours,” Hank explained. He looked at the lawyer, then at Jennifer. “District authorities are sending some people here, plus some medical personnel. How’s Rani’fay?”
    “He has numerous injuries, but I don’t think any of them are serious. He had a WARP Worm in his head.”
    Hank’s eyebrows popped up.
    Jennifer smiled. “I removed it.” She continued smiling. “It’s nice to win one this time.”
    Hank was confused at first, then he remembered her talking about the last guy she removed Worms from, who died. Hank smiled back, then frowned and sighed. “Now all we have to do is find Lana.”


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