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PART I sets up the development of the primary characters  with emphasis on the main character, up and until the rise of Chaos.

PART II deals with the actual rise of Chaos and how the Terrans attempt to deal with the problem. If the reader wishes to get right into the action and mystery of the story, this is where to start.

Below are Interesting Chapters that are part of the main Story:
One of the first investigations into Chaos takes place on a planet called Terra Aurigae, inhabited by Terrans, Tau, and Ogryns.
The invasion of Chaos on Terra Aurigae reunites LaFong with her ogryn friend, now in charge of a squad of  ogryns. However, transporting claustrophobic ogryns on board a cramped shuttle can make them a little gassy
17.5, 17.6
A covert mission to disrupt Mekboy forces, or, if possible, assassinate the Mekboss.
The Tyranids build a hive on Thanatos-4, something that leads to a conflict with the Terrans, then eventually brings about the evolution of the Genestealers.



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